Why Only Positive Reviews?

The Passionate Pens Blog only features books which are deemed by our team to be 4 or 5 stars.  You might be asking yourself  “WHY?!?”

The Happy Endings Book List Blog,  Passionate Pens, is not paid or otherwise compensated by authors for reviews. Why then do we only feature reviews of books we actually like?

Simple. We don’t want to read the bad ones! Hey, we’re readers too, and when we come across a book that is a stinker we certainly don’t want to waste the precious reading time we have (between kids, chores, & jobs!) on a book we are not enjoying.

The second reason is that while tearing books apart in a bad review can be fun to read, as an author it feels pretty crummy to have that laid out in a public forum. We believe in putting positive vibes out to the universe! When we have constructive criticism of a book we send it to the author directly.

Even worse than writing a bad review is writing a mediocre review, and that’s Reason #3!  Two or three star books are painful to write about from a reviewer’s perspective because there’s simply not much to say other than “Meh.” Trying to find the words to accurately convey the level of “Meh”-ness, of dullness, of boredom, etc. is wasted time– time, that could be better spent reading something good!

Reason #4 is also the most important one – We want to make sure readers are pointed in the direction of books we think they’ll actually enjoy reading! Life’s too short to waste on bad books.

The reasons above are also why our reviews are not always frequent– if we haven’t read something worth writing home about– well, we simply don’t!

So even though we only feature 4 & 5 star (in our humble opinion) books here, we pinky swear that we are not receiving compensation for them.  If an author has advertised with The Happy Endings Book List you’ll see it clearly noted in our review.

Life’s too short to waste on a bad book, and that’s our promise to you!

Happy Reading!


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