Alpha, Beta & Omega by Jasinda Wilder

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ALPHA by Jasinda Wilder

* * * * 4 Stars * * * *

I picked up a copy of this book because it was free and I needed to fill up my kindle for my upcoming vacation, but I had not otherwise heard of this author.  I immediately found the premise intriguing — A random stranger starts sending our heroine money… and then a year later he comes to collect on his debt.

This premise–and the mystery as to WHY the hero chose the heroine–kept me hooked and reading quickly to the end. The writing skills of this author had me picking up her next two books in the series– Beta and Omega. (Again, the premise of the plot of Beta intrigued me! Ms. Wilder knows how to write a good hook! Omega gives us a nice surprise with a secondary storyline that is very sweet.)

While the plots of these books are very intriguing, they are also a bit thin. If you like hot & spicy romance though that’s okay because Wilder pads out the plot with a lot (and I do mean A LOT!) of sex scenes. I didn’t even mind though because the scenes were original, unexpected, and very, very, very hot! This book is definitely not for those under 18! (And be sure you have lots of batteries handy close by, if you know what I mean...;-)

I give the entire series 4 stars– it would have been 3.5 because the plot was quite thin in the end (though filled out with lots of action scenes as well as sex scenes), but the quality of this author’s writing bumped it up to 4 stars for me.

(I did not receive any compensation or promotional copy from this author, nor is this author otherwise affiliated with this blog at the time of this writing.)

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